At Aeria – Community is who we are


Aeria connects a diverse community of business and people across both Aviation and non-Aviation tenants, as well as the local, industry and special interest groups we are proud to support including:

– Emergency services                                 – Patient transfer

– Flight training schools                             –  Local residents

– Support systems                                      – Industrial tenants

– Not for Profits                                           – Retail & entertainment tenants

– Local Councils                                           – Jet base operators

– Chambers of Commerce

Community Investment Strategy

Aeria is currently working with an external consulting firm to design a Community Investment Strategy for publication late March 2023.

The Community Investment Strategy is expected to enable:

– General Aviation support – targeting initiatives that support the broader industry.

– Sustainable investment – solving specific social problems over time in a sustainable way.

– Mutual benefit for both Aeria and our community – amplifying each other’s success. And

– Local action – building positive relations with our neighbours over the longer term.

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