About Us

Aeria offers a unique connection to place and is creating an extraordinary experience for everyone

Aeria - Formerly Sydney Metro Airports

The Aeria precinct is a collective of aviation, business and essential services providing extraordinary experiences for our community.

Aeria is a newly defined precinct of over 300 hectares in South West Sydney, and the proud home of Bankstown Airport for over 80 years.

Aeria is evolving to become a thriving destination, more recently including Altitude Premium Logistics Estate (in the south) and the Marion Street Industrial Estate (in the north).  These new developments compliment the existing wide variety of aviation, emergency services, light industrial, manufacturing, retail and entertainment amenity.

Aeria Management Group

Sydney Metro Airports has changed its name to Aeria Management Group. This new identity aligns with our strategy to support, grow, and invest in Aeria, including Bankstown Airport, and Camden Airport – creating the Ultimate Gateways.

We are evolving the Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport sites into vibrant community destinations.  Aeria Management Group’s mission is to improve the precinct’s offering and invest responsibly for business growth – creating new opportunities to attract and service the community in Western Sydney.

Aviation will always be central to our operations, and new technologies and services are embraced to manage our business in an environmentally sustainable and sensitive way.

As we continue to develop our airport precincts into a complete destination experience, strengthening our full-service offer including aviation, property and facilities management, utilities, and community services.

Our CARE values are focused on the customer, awareness of our impacts, responsible and safe operations, and high engagement with our community.  These values underpin our desire to create compelling and positive experiences for our customers and community.

Aeria Management Group is aware of the impacts of our assets and operations on communities and our environment.  Our people and partners combine to evolve our offering and operations in sustainable, ethical and engaging ways.

Aeria Utilities

Powering Tomorrow

Aeria Utilities is our electricity energy retailer and manages the embedded electricity network.

Aeria Utilities supports sustainable operations and development across Aeria, Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport, including the rollout of our solar array.

Leveraging the power of bulk buying, we will offer electricity at prices not usually available to tenants at Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport. Collectively sourcing and managing our energy procurement and supply to power a more reliable and sustainable future.

Aeria Utilities

Our People

Our people are united by a common goal to realise our Vision to create the Ultimate Gateway; and support our Mission to deliver thriving and diverse destinations connecting aviation, business, and community.

To deliver this aspiration, our people bring skills, experience, passion, and commitment important for the growth and enhancement of our airports, services and space for our customers and the community.

The strength and diversity of our airports and precincts are reflected in our team, with diverse disciplines, sectors, and environments.  We value these differences and the diverse perspectives to best support and serve our customers and the community and enhance the precincts and businesses that make us their home.

We operate in a high-performance and values driven environment, and our people are encouraged to behave in ways that underpin our CARE values, being customer-centric, acting in the best interests of our community and environment, responsible and safe, and engaging positively with all stakeholders.

Our people are passionate about making a difference and contributing to our local and broader community.  Their contribution is through our work and projects, and their personal endeavour through volunteering, fund raising, environmental initiatives and awareness raising.

We are aware of the impacts of our assets and operations on communities and our environment.  Our people and partners work closely to evolve our offering and operations, in sustainable, ethical, and engaging ways.

Our Leadership Team

Daniel Jarosch
  • Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Brandon
  • Chief Financial Officer

Tom Smith
  • Chief Operating Officer

Kate Benchoam
  • Head of People and Culture

David Binskin
  • General Manager Aviation