Major new aviation hangar project to support growing aviation needs

Aeria Management Group (AMG) has proposed a Major Development Plan (MDP) for a new aviation hangar project at Bankstown Airport, to meet the current and future needs of Australia’s aviation industry.

The estimated $50 million development within the Bankstown Airport Aviation Zone is designed to meet growing general aviation demand and maintain and enhance aviation operations at Bankstown Airport, such as emergency services, flight training, corporate aviation, aircraft maintenance and Advanced Air Mobility.

The Aviation Hangar Project demonstrates AMG’s commitment to providing new infrastructure and high-quality facilities to support the development of emerging technologies and meet the changing needs of general aviation.


The proposed project site is located within the Aviation Zone, as identified by the Bankstown Airport Master Plan 2019. The site is bound to the north and east by Bankstown Airport Taxiway K, to the west by Taxiway C and to the south by Taxiway A.

The site is desirable due to its proximity to the airfield and critical service networks, such as an aviation fuel depot, electricity, stormwater infrastructure and potable water.


The proposed project consists of:

  • Construction of two aircraft hangar buildings and ancillary offices to accommodate up to 10 separate aviation operations
  • South-western hangar building includes larger office space, to accommodate passenger lounge, training facilities or office accommodation
  • New landside road access via extension of Avro Street and a centralised car parking area
  • Hangar aprons and open aircraft parking area
  • Hangars and aprons designed to accommodate up to Code C fixed-wing and vertical take-off aircraft
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet changing aviation needs –  including existing and emerging aircraft types and new technologies that align with Airport’s Sustainability Framework and net zero targets

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The proposed site of the Aviation Hangar Project is within the Aviation Zone in Bankstown Airport Master Plan 2019, which actively supports growth and improvement of aviation facilities and infrastructure, including the development of new hangar facilities.

The project is also consistent with the level of aviation-related development expected by the Development Program in Master Plan 2019.

The project is also consistent with NSW State and Local Government Planning Instruments. The Aviation Hangar Project is also designed to provide flexibility in responding to growing needs of the general aviation industry and emerging changes to aviation technology, as identified by Commonwealth Government’s Aviation Green Paper (2023).


The proposed Aviation Hangar Project aligns with the Bankstown Airport Sustainability Framework and features design initiatives to reduce environmental impacts, including:

  • On-site solar renewable energy production
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Energy efficient and controlled lighting
  • Energy efficient heat-pump hot water


Multiple draft MDPs must be submitted to the Commonwealth Government for approval, in accordance with the Commonwealth Airports Act 1996.

Extensive engagement and consultation with governments, regulators, industry bodies, our customers and the community will occur throughout the MDP process. This includes the public exhibition of the Preliminary Draft MDP, which will be open for feedback for 60 business days.

AMG’s engagement and consultation initiatives will also include:

  • Creation of a project email address and phone number to share information and obtain feedback
  • Publication and distribution of community newsletters and digital e-newsletters
  • Regular briefings to the Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group
  • Community pop-up information and engagement session
  • Drop-in information and engagement session, for our customers and the community

More information on airport planning and regulation, including MDPs, is available from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts by clicking here.


We will provide updates about the progress of the proposed MDP on this webpage and via other communications directly with our customers and other stakeholders.

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