Fatal aircraft accident near Camden Airport

AMG extends its since condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of a young pilot who died following an aircraft accident near Camden Airport on 24 January.

As advised by the Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), shortly after take-off from Camden Airport, the Cessna 172 aircraft descended and collided with terrain approximately 3 kilometres west of the airport, during circuit training operations.

The teenage pilot was the sole occupant of the aircraft and died at the scene of the accident.

Our Aviation team attended the accident site at Brownlow Hill and we are continuing to provide whatever assistance we can to NSW Police and the ATSB, which is investigating the cause and circumstances of the accident.

Further information about the incident and investigation is available on the ATSB website by clicking here. The ATSB has asked that anyone who witnessed or has photos or video of the flight or accident to contact them via its website or by calling 1800 992 986.

The death of any pilot is tragic, particularly one so young. At this difficult time, we are thinking of the pilot’s family and loved ones, as well as our customers and the broader general aviation community.