Bankstown Airport Southeast VFR Corridor

CASA, in consultation with Airservices Australia, has announced a proposal to reclassify a portion of airspace southeast of Bankstown Airport to uncontrolled airspace and create a southeast corridor for use by all aircraft flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), up to 1500ft.

As stated by CASA and Airservices Australia, the proposed Bankstown Airport Southeast VFR Corridor is intended to:

  • Reduce airspace risks associated with the constrained nature of the Bankstown control zone and sustained growth in air traffic in the region;
  • Provide better access to Sydney flight training areas; and
  • Provide equitable and efficient access for airspace users.

CASA is preparing the Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) and will be inviting feedback from the aviation industry, with the intention to open consultation in mid-August 2024.

Airservices Australia is separately seeking feedback on its Draft Community Engagement Plan, which is available by clicking here.

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