AMG reveals sky high costs and safety risks related to Western Sydney Airport

Aeria Management Group, operator of Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport, has called on the Commonwealth Government to mitigate the multimillion-dollar costs and significant safety risks associated with Western Sydney International Airport (WSI).

AMG’s submission to the WSI Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) calls for compensation to impacted flight training schools, investment incentives to expand essential general aviation operations in Sydney and a new flight corridor to mitigate costs and safety hazards related to the opening of the new airport in 2026.

“Changes to airspace, flight paths and regulations due to the commencement of WSI will have significant impacts on existing operations and growth at Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport, with flow-on consequences for Australia’s aviation industry, economy and workforce,” said AMG CEO Daniel Jarosch.

“Government funding and reforms to reduce such safety risks and economic impacts are essential to securing the critical supply of pilots to meet growing global demand.”

AMG’s submission estimates the economic impacts on Bankstown Airport and Camden Airport will be $76 million in 2026 alone – 5 times the figure provided by the EIS.

Increased travel times and costs for flight schools could reduce student numbers by 20 per cent at Bankstown Airport, NSW’s leading flight training hub. Other impacts include increased compliance costs, emissions and noise exposure for residents.

Greater airspace congestion and complexity due to WSI will also exacerbate safety risks for all aircraft across the Sydney Basin.

AMG is calling on government funding to support impacted businesses, including investment incentives to expand essential general aviation services at Camden Airport.

AMG’s submission also recommends the Government reduce safety risks by committing to a new transit route between Bankstown Airport and Engadine and a comprehensive review of airspace in the Sydney Basin.

Click here to read AMG’s submission to the WSI Draft EIS.

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Peter Munro
AMG Senior Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Manager