Staff Applications - Guide & Requirements [IMPORTANT - READ]

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Jun 18, 2018
Aeria World v2.png Staff Application Guide and Requirements!


  • Must require discord, with a working microphone.
  • Ability to record and take screenshots in good quality and when necessary.
  • Application needs to be as informative and detailed as possible.
  • If application is denied, please wait 15 days before re-applying.
  • Do not plagiarize another application. It will result in a instant denial and you won't be able to re-apply for 6 months.
  • Be honest within your application.
  • Do not talk to any staff members, on or off the team, about your application unless you have a serious question about it. Will result in a instant denial.

How to Make a Great Application.

  • Detail
    • It's important that your application includes tons of details of past experiences, how you could benefit the team, etc. Even though most of the questions can be answered in a single sentence, it's always great to elaborate more on the questions.

    • One paragraph applications are the minimal that we'll accept, although only having one shows a lack of effort and sometimes can be instant denial. So add more information!

    • If summarized into a few words that's fine as well, but preferably try to stay on the longer side.
  • Proper grammar
    • While improper grammar is mostly a common mistake, it's always important to double check for any grammar errors at all times.

    • Having proper grammar shows us that you can be professional and mature via text/voice chat.
  • Past experiences.
    • This is your chance to brag on yourself! Explain to the application team what, if any, past experiences you have had as a staff member on another server.

    • Feel free to mention server names, along with your role, but please refrain from putting IP address.

    • If demoted from a previous team, explain why you were demoted and how you've learned from it.

    • May include real-life experiences.
  • How you could benefit the staff team and server as a whole.
    • Explain how you can personally help the staff and server based on your skillset, personality, and experiences.
  • Why you should be chosen over other applicants.
    • Convince the application team that you are more suited for a staff position then any of the applicants. People apply daily, so it's up to you to convince us that you should be accepted rather than them.
  • Being truthful and honest about mistakes.
    • Here at Aeria World would much rather see an honest applicant who has made past mistakes than a dishonest one.
Do you meet all the requirements and want to apply for Staff? Click HERE to go to the application page. Good luck!
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