New Gamemode and Skyblock Update


Aeria World
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Jun 15, 2018

Aeria World

Hey everyone! I'm really sorry for lack of update in the past few weeks and here I am back with a couple good news about the server development, We currently working to add towny into the Aeria Universe (Yes I call it universe) and we also working on more skyblock server update. But I can't really give an exact date when we will release the towny server but I expect in around a month.

Whats coming to skyblock?
Skyblock will also receive some great update including upgradeable hopper, crate revamps, mythical stone infusion, and much more! Plus we currently working on building the new spawn for skyblock which will be live around next week. I will keep giving you update on what we working in the #sneakpeek section of our discord server.

What will be in the towny server?
Towny will have some custom feature including custom town plugin, tiered jobs, and in-game ranks. We can't give you any details about this yet, It's because we are still in super early phase of developing this server/gamemode.

Extending the giveaway deadline?
Yes, I extend the giveaway deadline to allow more people to join the giveaway. I'm really sorry for not giving any announcement about this.

If you got more question about this please post it on our discord group and we will try to answer you as fast as possible and I hope with this announcement it will be more clearer for everyone about what we working on behind the screen. I also would thank everyone who was participating in our summer sale event, We will create more sales & bonus in the future for our buycraft store (We currently got one spawner bonus event going on).