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  1. Rsyx

    Towny Release Thread

    Aeria World Announcement Hey Aerians! I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, especially concerning the Skyblock server. Hereby we announce that we are ready to launch our Towny addition, Aeria Towny! The Towny server will consist of several custom features and a lot of cool stuff for you...
  2. Rsyx

    How to View Minecraft Chat Logs

    Ever needed to find someone's msg or an IGN that you lost due to the chat scroll limit or logging out of the server? Here is an easy way to find your old chat logs 1. Type %appdata% into your windows search bar then press ENTER 2. Double click on your ".minecraft" folder 3. Double click on...
  3. Rsyx

    Forum Reward Claim

  4. Rsyx

    Forum Reward Claim

    Aeria World Forum Reward Claim We give away free Forum kits for anyone who is registered on our forum, follow the format below to claim your reward! Claim Format Minecraft Username: Server: (Skyblock/Towny) Please do remember that you can only claim one kit per IP. Means if you trying to...
  5. Rsyx

    EverythingFree's Staff Application

    Pending Your current application status is on hold. Please be active both in discord and in-game We will review your app again in around a week. Thanks.
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    Vote Information

    Aeria World Vote Links Here is the list of our vote links and please vote every day to support our server so we can create more frequent update and more content! Each vote will help our server to become bigger. Vote Links
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    Store Support Format [READ THIS FIRST]

    Aeria World Announcement First of all, I'm really sorry for this very late giveaway winner announcement I was very busy last couple week since school started. I want to thank everyone who been registering on our forum and joining our giveaway. Winners 69 DeckedOut - Templar 85 EnderSpecial -...
  8. Rsyx

    I Want To Help

  9. Rsyx

    New Gamemode and Skyblock Update

    Aeria World Announcement Hey everyone! I'm really sorry for lack of update in the past few weeks and here I am back with a couple good news about the server development, We currently working to add towny into the Aeria Universe (Yes I call it universe) and we also working on more skyblock...
  10. Rsyx

    Suggestion Explosive Pick compatibility with fortune

    Sorry for the late reply. Explosive pickaxe won't work on autosmelt or fortune enchant for now. Because the block you mine is the only one counted by the enchant/autosmelt, We will try it to make it work in the future
  11. Rsyx

    Helper Application:

    Denied. Lack of playtime, Wrong thread title, and lack of experience
  12. Rsyx

    Duel Tokens are Broken.

    Alright Closed
  13. Rsyx

    Duel Tokens are Broken.

    Hey can you check again? Please reply here if it still not working
  14. Rsyx

    DeckedOut’s Staff Application

    Denied. Please re-apply again in 15 days
  15. Rsyx

    Forum Games Would you Rather? v2

    Be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease Know when you will die Have everything you dream become true/real Stay offline and off the internet for a full month Be forced to live the same day over and over again for a full year
  16. Rsyx

    Prefix in Tab Bar

  17. Rsyx

    Suggestion Additional Mining upgrades

    Quite interesting topic. I'll let everyone tell their opinion & suggestion about this. @Coppelia
  18. Rsyx

    add /withdraw

    Closed It will be added in next dev-log
  19. Rsyx

    Removing Certain AFK Players

    Closed. We will not add any AFK Timer, for now, and maybe in the future. Feel free to make a new thread again if you had more suggestion Thanks!
  20. Rsyx